Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the correct canopy for my project?

Every project or kitchen fit out is unique and involves specific design to achieve effective extraction and maximum kitchen occupant comfort.

To help us learn more about your needs, fill out the short form on our product page. You can choose from exhaust or exhaust & make-up air and whether you need a wall or island mounted configuration. We’ll then be able to recommend the most suitable canopy models.

We also recommend you speak to us directly about your requirements.

Do I need Supply/Make-up air for the canopy?

When air is extracted from a room, the room needs to be replenished with fresh air. 80% of air being extracted through a kitchen canopy needs to be replenished as fresh air to allow adequate airflow. The remaining 20% is drawn from surrounding spaces and through doors and windows. This method ensures the kitchen space is in negative pressure, and cooking odours and smoke are contained within the confines of the kitchen.

ecocanopy hoods have front mounted diffuser panels, which disperse make-up air back into the kitchen eliminating uncomfortable draughts and risk of introducing foreign matter. Make up air can also be dispersed through registers in the ceiling etc. And supply air plenums can be fitted with ‘spot coolers’ for operator comfort.

Where are ecocanopy hoods manufactured?

All of our kitchen exhaust hoods are manufactured in-house at our state-of-the-art factory in Melbourne, Victoria.

Why choose ecocanopy over other brands?

Our engineered solution canopies require up to 50% less extraction compared to conventional canopies in the market. This means lower capital and ongoing costs.

We’re currently the only 100% Australian-owned manufacturer of low velocity exhaust hoods. Our staff have over 75 years’ combined experience in the commercial kitchen sector, so we know our stuff!

What sizes do ecocanopy hoods come in?

ecocanopy hoods are completely custom made and can be manufactured to your size requirements. We can also incorporate custom tapers, notches and shapes into your hood.

What if we have low ceilings?

Our wall mounted hoods can be designed to a low 400mm height to fit within a 2400mm ceiling height room. We can also create custom Island hoods as low as 280mm high for extra tight spaces.

Do ecocanopy hoods come with lighting?

All of our hoods (except SDW model) come with advanced LED lighting. Lighting is available in multiple colour temperatures.

What is UV filtration?

Exhaust air quality is a major concern for commercial kitchen operators, especially in densely built-up areas. Discharging grease and odour free exhaust air is a requirement to satisfy council regulations and keep neighbouring property occupants happy. ecocanopy have incorporated ecoshieldTM UV systems in our range of exhaust hoods to remove up to 95% of grease and odour before discharging air into the atmosphere.

What is auxiliary inline filtration?

The ecoshieldTM PHC inline filter consists of a 4-stage filtering layout. The pre-filter captures large particles, the bag filter captures medium sized particles (such as ash), the HEPA filter captures ultra-fine smoke particles and the carbon filters remove any residual odours and ozone. Kitchen exhaust air filtered through a PHC system comes out grease free and odourless.

Do you provide quotes and exhaust hood technical data?

Yes, absolutely. If you could kindly email your scaled floorplans and cooking equipment information to, we’ll be more than happy to send you a proposal.

Do you provide shop drawings?

We provide 3D shop drawings for all kitchen exhaust hoods. Shop drawings can be made available in less than two days for most projects. Please contact our sales team with your enquiry and we can discuss this process. We’ll need your scaled floorplans and cooking equipment information to produce drawings.

How long does it take to manufacture a canopy?

Typically, it takes approximately four weeks from approved drawing to completion. We’re unable to commence manufacturing until we have your signed approval drawing.

Do you supply/install fans and ductwork?

All ductwork and fans are the responsibility of the mechanical contractor. ecocanopy will only specify the relevant data required for fan selection and ductwork design.

Do you install canopies?

Absolutely. We work with several companies nation-wide to ensure your canopies are installed with the same attention to quality and detail as the canopy itself. We’d be happy to put you in touch with these companies.

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