Are your staff and business suffering from poor kitchen ventilation?

While kitchen ventilation isn’t the most exhilarating topic on the table for restaurant owners and staff, it’s one of the key pieces to a well-designed, safe and high-performing kitchen. Commercial kitchens emit an incredible amount of heat, grease, smoke, particles and odours into the air. Poor ventilation fails to treat these irritants effectively, risking the health of kitchen staff, contributing to fire risks and hindering profits as odours create an unpleasant dining experience for guests.

Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods play an essential role in effective kitchen ventilation in a few ways:

Controlling Odour
When cooking odours are allowed to fester, they create an unpleasant environment often travelling to other parts of the restaurant, such as the dining area. An efficient exhaust hood reduces these odours by capturing and containing effluent air within the boundary of the hood. ecocanopy exhaust hoods with ecoshield UV filtration incorporate UV light filtration, which significantly reduces grease build-up inside the exhaust hood and ductwork, neutralises rancid odours, improving safety conditions and mitigating the risk of fire. 

Many of our exhaust hoods also incorporate advanced technology ecoaircurtain™ , which is powered by high efficiency internal centrifugal fans, reducing extraction levels by up to 50% compared to conventional exhaust hoods and saving costs associated with infrastructure (such as smaller fans & ductwork), and creating considerable energy savings.

Improving Air Quality
An efficient exhaust hood replaces effluent air with fresh or ‘makeup’ air, maintaining control of airflow and room temperatures, creating safer, more comfortable working conditions. 

Removing Grease
Cooking of fatty foods causes grease to evaporate and become airborne, depositing onto walls and ceilings, causing unhygienic conditions and risk of fire. ecoaircurtain™ is extremely effective in containing smoke, grease and heat within the boundary of the canopy. Another popular ecocanopy product, ecocapture, incorporates a patented disposable media pad that captures up to 98% of air-borne grease, drastically reducing hazardous buildup in ductwork systems. 


Getting the right model, size and number of exhaust hoods for your kitchen is key to effective ventilation. The size of your restaurant, layout of your kitchen and the types of dishes you produce will determine the amount, size and model of exhaust hoods you should install. For example, solid-fuel cooking has special filtration requirements and is more suited to one of our ecomist hoods. These exhaust hoods are specifically designed for high-heat cooking environments and use water mist technology, virtually eliminating the risk of duct fires. 


We can help you achieve the most effective kitchen ventilation for your kitchen’s needs. We have the experience and technical expertise to look at all the elements and offer you qualified, tailored advice.

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